SafetyFirst Reports - Fleet Safety Articles 
 “Directions” Newsletter (courtesy The PMA Insurance Group)
     Safe Driving Part of Community Commitment for Wyoming Valley Health Care System
 Automotive Fleet Magazine
     Do How's My Driving? Programs Really Work?
 International Society of Arborists
     Chaning Unsafe Behavior Using Activators and Consequences
 Loss Control Quarterly (CPCU Society)
     Auditing Against ANSI/ASSE Z15.1 for a Fleet Safety ‘Tune-Up’
     Crashes and Fatalities on the Rise
     Do You Know if Your Drivers Are Properly Licensed?
     Driving Miss Daisy: Fleet Safety and older Drivers
     Medical Marijuana and Driving Safely: Compatible or Paradox?
     Negligent Entrustment
     Protecting Your Interests Following a Crash: Record Retention and Spoliation of Evidence
     Road Safety and the Law -- When Is a License Check Not Enough?
     Vehicle Safety and Non-Profit Organizations
 Motor Fleet Monthly (NATMI)
     Distracted Driving: Choosing to Ignore the Road
     The Bookend BASICs of CSA
     The Next Generation of Trucking Professionals
 Risk Management (RIMS)
 Risk Management Interest Group (CPCU Society)
     Are Collisions by Chance or by Choice?
 Safetyfirst Articles
     Driver Communication Plan
     Driver Recruiting and Retention
     Employee Turnover and New Hire Costs
     Evaluating Driver Monitoring Technology Investments
     Maintenance Cost
 Transactions (ASSE Transp Practice Specialty)
     Auditing Against ANSI/ASSE Z15.1 for a Fleet Safety "Tune Up"
     Communication: A Key to Achieving Results
     Measuring the Cost of Aggressive Drivers
 Tree Care Industry Association
     Cell Phone Use: Boon to productivity, or dangerous safety liability?
     Vehicle Safety and Your Bottomline
 Underwriting Trends (CPCU Society)
     Driving Miss Daisy: Fleet Safety and Older Drivers
     Identifying Drivers Who May Be 'At-Risk' of Becoming Involved in a Collision: MVR Analysis
     Negligent Entrustment
     Ten Reason Why Driver Monitoring Program Fail and How You Can Guarantee Success
     Weaving in Traffic: What Lies Ahead for Commercial Auto?
 Utility Contractor (NUCA)
     Fleet Safety Tune Up
 Other Documents
     Distracted Driving Choosing to Ignore the Road